Online Training and Nutrition Coaching is delivered through the elite training software ‘Recomposer’. Once you have signed up you will receive your own personal log-on where all your training and nutritional information is stored. Recomposer has a unique inbuilt progression system where the intensity increases weekly based off the performance from the previous week. All of this is accessible in the palm of your hand using a smart phone. Training cycles are changed every 4 weeks.

All meals are broken down into Macros (Protein, Carbs, Fats) where your daily total is also shown and broken down. You will receive mentoring on how to ‘flexible diet’ and receive weekly check-ins via email where your nutrition will be adjusted based on the evidence provided. Science and evidence-based protocols are used to ensure you achieve your Body Composition Goals.



$99 Sign Up Fee

$80 per week


12 week minimum term

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  • In built progression system based of your strength and ability
  • Nutritional database
  • Macro calculated meal plans
  • Macros for each meal is broken down for you
  • Safe and secure website for your personal information, training and nutrition

  • 10 weeks worth of FREE educational content videos and content on how to lift correctly, track macros and flexible diet, warm up drills and much more.


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