Before transforming myself I believed I was worthless, pathetic, hopeless and no value. I was crippled by depression, anxiety and stress. I barely functioned yet tried desperately to hide it from others. Change started when my husband encouraged me to join a gym challenge, to get out and make some new friends. I found my coach, Rose. An incredible inspiration.

Her knowledge, support and advice lit a fire in me. Pushing through physical and mental barriers, I learned to set goals and achieve them. I still had times of doubt, feeling like I wasn’t good enough until Rose showed me my before and after photo comparison. I was stunned. I looked like two different people. This fire in me suddenly burnt brighter. Here my mindset started to change and I craved more. I kept pushing myself, I kept achieving more, changing more and getting results I only ever dreamed of.

I’ve never said this before, but I’m so proud myself. It’s an indescribable, amazing feeling.Don’t wish for change, make the change.


Thank you for all of your support it has really gotten me through some serious tough times and I honestly don’t think I would be the person I am today without your help and guidance through all the shit I’ve had going on this year.


“#walkthewalk. Make sure you find someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Here at Team Cherry we not only talk the talk but believe in walking the walk. We lead by example and set the standard for all of our clients.”


I have known Rose for many years but had never had the privilege of training with her. I joined World Gym Tweed Heads in 2018 and decided to compete in their 8 week challenge and asked Rose to be my trainer. She gave me a customised meal plan and we did 3 Personal Training Sessions per week, focusing heavily on resistance training. Not only did I lose weight/body fat I got stronger & built muscle. I lost almost 7kgs in 8 weeks & gained almost 3kgs of muscle. Rose was supportive, knowledgeable & extremely motivating.


The biggest progress for me though has been the mentality of what it is to be “big” or “small”. My competition weight and my walk around weight in 2017 where about 6-7kg’s apart but once I hit my comp weight, mentally it became hard to go back and I strived for a body composition that was unmanageable and not maintainable. My diet and nutrition turned to shit, I was scared to eat certain foods and restricted my calorie consumption to around 800c a day with 20g carbs…it was so messed up. When I got injured it took me ages to recover.

As I got back into training martial arts I joined World and saw Liam’s PT profile mention flexible nutrition which was a term I’d seen floating around a lot this year so jumped at the chance to put this name down for pt. I’m so bloody glad I did. I honestly feel a world apart.

From myself at the start of the year. I don’t fear food, I don’t fear being “big”, I feel full of energy, strong as fuck and this is only the start of the journey. Thank you both so much, because you’re absolute legends and inspiration. You’ve changed my mindset with so many preconceptions I had about myself and it’s making me so much stronger mentally and physically.


I have recently completed the 5 week challenge with Rose. Leading up to the challenge I had become quite complacent with food, exercise was non-existent and needed something to kick start my motivation and weight loss journey. Having known Rose personally I have always admired her motivation and healthy lifestyle so I knew this would be the perfect plan for me.

During the 5 weeks I found the eating plans AMAZING. Having tried every fad diet, I was so surprised at the amazing, delicious and filling food that was on the plan. I was often asking Rose if I was eating too much! The meals on the plan have now become a day to day thing for me even after completing the challenge.

For someone how does not love exercise and does not frequent the gym, I was initially quite worried about the exercise aspect coming into the challenge. The exercise plans were easy to follow whilst still being challenging. Any questions I had, Rose was always available for me to touch base and go over things which really made the 5 weeks so much easier. These have also become a feature in my day to day life now also.

Being located in another area (Rose in the Gold Coast, I am located in Cairns) made me sceptical at first if I was going to be able to keep motivated and receive the same service as someone located within the Gold Coast. But those fears were put to rest the minute I joined the challenge. Rose talked me through the whole set-up process and was on hand for any questions I had (and trust me there were lots!!) No question was too big or too small, the eating plan was catered to food preferences or allergies and Rose checked in often, which I found super helpful and motivating.

I found the 5 weeks absolutely flew by and the end result was a 6.2 weight loss. I am now feeling great, motivated and really enjoy exercise. This challenge has helped me make a huge lifestyle change. I recommend anyone to jump on board and give it a go! It’s the best!!




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